Redo is a tiny little hamlet of perhaps ten houses or so. It lies nestled right into the eastern massif of the Picos. Our holiday apartment really delivered on the promise of "mountain views"!

redo 1

The photo above shows the views from the balcony, and the photo below is a panorama from the road into Redo (click to see full size). Our apartment is in the foreground at the bottom-right, next to the yellow-painted part. The village of Tanarrio can be seen across the valley.

Panorama of Redo

These are photos from a walk direct from the apartment, across to Tanarrio and then up towards the real mountains in a big loop.

walk through Tanarrioredo 4redo 5

Here's another panorama (click to see full size).
redo 6 pan

redo 7redo 8

And some photos of the Picos in the morning sun.

redo 9redo 10

Route map

Information Calculated value
Overall distance 4.7 miles
Altitude range (highest-lowest point) 1322 ft
Overall duration 03:34:48
Time in motion 02:37:47
Average speed 1.8 mi/h

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