Not written anything for a while... what have I been up to? Working mainly on the new house, I've helped with putting flooring in, cladding the walls, putting in windows, and various other bit and pieces. This was how the bungalow looked when I arrived - I should really have another picture of how it looks now too, shouldn't I?

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Read more: Work on Scoraig

Yesterday I left Rubha Phoil on Skye to travel to Scoraig in Wester Ross, to work and stay with Hugh Piggott. Having arranged to meet up with Hugh in Inverness, I was planning to hitch. Luckily Sandy managed to get me a lift with one of her friends all the way to Inverness, which was very convenient.

Like Knoydart, Scoraig is a mainland peninsula without road access, so you can either walk in or use a boat. Unlike Knoydart, Scoraig doesn't even have an 'official' ferry. Residents commonly have a wee boat with an outboard motor that carries them, their shopping, family, equipment, rubbish etc over the one mile crossing. Two boats are strapped together to transport vehicles across.

So yesterday evening, around 7:30pm, Hugh and I got to the jetty opposite Scoraig. Earlier an easterly gale had been blowing down the loch (Little Loch Broom), which would have meant a 5-mile walk in with as much stuff as we could carry. Fortunately the wind had died down, but it was still a slightly unsettling experience making the crossing in fairly choppy waters in near darkness. Particularly as Hugh's boat is an aluminium 16-footer with a 5-horsepower outboard...

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